collaborative work ECONOMY entrepreneurship

GOGME stands for..

Globally Owned Globally Managed Enterprise. This is a breakthrough concept which is destined to have a huge impact on the way start-ups flourish in the age of Web 2.0. The concept is as simple as ambitious: through platforms launched for business communities to share innovative ideas, the scope is to create global companies that are owned and managed by aspiring entrepreneurs. The stake, therefore, is huge if we think of the great opportunities that might arise, but feasibility remains an unresolved issue. How do we entitle people to be responsible and spark credibility among each other just interfacing with a laptop? If not to think of the governance mechanisms to balance stakeholders’ interests?

As we can observe, the challange for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs lies in the capability to exploit such platforms for a more collaborative way of production and to by-pass the burocracy of brick-and-mortar businesses.


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