Job market

Towards a crystal clear job market

Networking is an amazing activity with the tools made available by Web 2.0. And indeed, the benefits of such activity are outstanding for the retrieval of sensible informations at zero cost but typing. Information, in our society, is as fundamental for businesses as it is for the single individual, for a number of quite self-evident reasons. Information can be “googled” easily on line and markets, economically intended as the encounter of supply and demand, are getting more democratically informed.
That is the case of the job-markets whose dynamism is speeding job-rotation and producing free-agents. Brand-yourself has the declared mission to help remarkable graduates leave a mark and get recognised on the job market. How? A pool of experts, familiar with the techniques of Web-branding and marketing, provide insightful strategies for graduates to implement a well-standing image on the Web with the intent to get them noticed by recruiters, whom are more and more making use of social networks (i.e: Linkedin) and search engines. Search Engine Optimization, therefore, applies to people too: people rank online and build a reputation, all elements for a first screening by job-hunters.
Claudio Brescianini, top-notch executive job-hunter and passionate blogger, has found a system to (I use his uncopyrighted words), “compensate” the asymmetries of information that mid-level manager face when relocating for another job. Sites like Glassdoor  already make a great service allowing people to anonymously post and share their opinions about companies, salaries and all those insider info which are relevant for a conscious job-seeker. This trend will generate a more transparent job market and opportunistic behaviours from job-providers easily detected.

Gianluca Caccamo
Idea-scouter and passionate networker


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