airtaxi dubai

Airtaxi – Exciting times ahead

After its Dubai test flight last September, Volocopter GmbH raises €5 million in another funding round led by Intel and btov Partners

The Volocopter has been designed with features much fitted for an urban air taxi – ultralight, quiet, electric, and it allows for a vertical takeoff. Moreover its intelligent system can facilitate air-taxi hailing services with the use of smartphones. 

#Dubai’s flying taxi tests form part of the city’s goal to have autonomous cars handling 25% of passenger transport by 2030. 

Meanwhile Uber’s Elevate Summit kicked off its #aviation-on-demand project in #LA few weeks ago.

At the intersection of smartphones, autonomous vehicles and air-taxi-hailing, a new suite of integrated services will soon become the new normal for the urbanized world. 

Definitely exciting will be to see more cities adopting these ambitious goals and having a new wave of entrepreneurs entering the space. 


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