Fast-track your incorporation

If you are incorporating your startup, here you can select among the best services and leave a review.


 A service offered by Stripe to entrepreneurs worldwide ( few countries excluded ).

  • One time fee of 500$;
  • Incorporate a Delaware C Corporation;
  • Open a U.S. business bank account at Silicon Valley Bank;
  • Create a U.S. Stripe account to accept payments from around the world;
  • Connect to legal and tax experts;
  • Receive up to to $5,000 in promotional credits from Amazon Web Services;
  • Open to non-US residents;


A service offered to YCombinator incubated startups.


  • $99 own fee + third party fees = 407$;
  • Incorporate as a Delaware C-corporation;
  • Returning the filed certificate of incorporation  within 2-3 business days;

Raising money?

Trying to reach the right investors for your startup?

You can now purchase the VCs and Angels List here!

A curated list with hundreds of firms with names of partners and personal background to finance your startup.



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