Millennials represents 1/3 of the current workflow but most importantly Millennials are the most digital savvy generation repeatedly building the next big thing.  If you are on your journey to build the next big thing, sign up below. Wikipreneurship will help get your story out on the news and provide with the necessary resources to scale up your efforts, matching with a co-founder or connecting to relevant people.

After signing in, you will be shortlisted to join our Slack dedicated channel. As part of the Millennial Founders’s Club you gain direct access to like-minded Millennials who are sharing ideas, projects and starting up new businesses.


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 Mark Zuckeberg’s speech at Harvard Commencement addressing Millennial Founders.

“Create a greater sense of purpose, not only for yourself but for others [..]” Mark Zuckerberg


MENORCA MILLENNIALS – First decelerator program, hosted in Menorca island.

Raising money?

Trying to reach the right investors for your startup?

You can now purchase the VCs and Angels List here!

A curated list with hundreds of firms with names of partners and personal background to finance your startup.




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